The breath of sound


Rony Shapira

Motion analysis, sequence 2








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Mapping and analyzing motion at the Namir bridge





I used the methods I developed as notation in order to map and analyze motion at the site.

I am now working on a sequence of images which analyze different movements at this site under the bridge.


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Motion analysis




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 The quiet of the river is disturbed by a canoe. The canoe’s motion causes circular waves in the water, leaving traces of its passing. The waves linger on after the canoe passes, until the wind restores the water back to its normative behavior. The memory of the motion remains after the canoe is gone.

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Every time a car drives by on the bridge, its sound can be heard through this gap and then the shadow of the car passing changes the light setting and the shadows through the gap. As a result of the motion of the cars on the bridge, the light atmosphere beneath the bridge changes.

Sunlight reflects off the water of the Yarkon river and onto the walls of the bridge. The motion of the water creates different patterns of light on the bridge.

The wind which causes movement in the water can be heard in the background. The movement of the water is traced on the walls of the bridge by the light reflecting on the bridge.

The entire atmosphere under the bridge changes as a result of the dark spots and the patches of light patterns reflecting from the water.

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The frames were taken from the video at every crucial point in which there was a substantial change in the motion (approximately every half a second).

The black marks represent motion.  The motion is repetitive and expands and contracts.  The motion doesn’t just disappear but rather leaves traces of its existence.  Even in the frames that are seemingly “clean”, traces of the black smudges can still be seen.

In some cases the traces fade away over a longer span of time, but many of the traces remain as a background for the movements that follow.

                * Traces of an occurrence which remain as part of the scenery once the occurrence has passed.

The “breaths” of the sound (ie. the fraction of a second when no sound is heard) come at intervals when the motion changes drastically.

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0001p   0002p 

 0003p  0004p

0005p  0006p

0007p  0008p

0009p  0010

0011p  0012p

0013p  0014p

0015p  0016p

0017p  0018p

0019p  0020p

0021p  0022p

0023p  0024p

0025p  0026p


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Notation and syntax

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etude 1-2


This is a screencapture from the first visualization I made using the flashlight.

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Etude 1 – the visual representation of sound

expressing the sound through flashes of light

In order to visually represent the sound of my little brother’s laughter, I categorized the qualities of sound into actions of dragging (the breaths taken between the laughs themselves) and bursts.

I then traced the actions with a flashlight on a black screen. I moved the flashlight in accordance with the rhythm and tempo of the sound.

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