The breath of sound


Rony Shapira

Concept, Program

Concept: Awareness of the virtual (the passing, disappearing) through the real (the physical, the evident).

I would like to create a social space in which I would raise awareness to the effects of urbanism (of cars, traffic, noise) on an environment. The space created would be directly effected by its urban surroundings.


–          One part “protected”, one part exposed to the street. Exposed to light and noise, the noise becomes part of the environment in the space.

–          Cause and effect: the environment in the space would be the effect of the urban environment.

–          Dragging, bursting: a continuous space that “drags”, somewhat isolated from the outside.

A central space where the “burst” occurs. This space is open to the street and overlooks it. It shows bursts of light and noise. It shows a burst of activity on the outside and the open inside space allows for a burst of activity on the inside.

–          Breathing: the open space shows the urban “breathing”, the sounds define the rhythm of breathing.

A “breathing” space

–          Appearance and disappearance: the appearance of space vs. the disappearance of space.

Dark space/ passageway. The appearance of light leads to the “appearance” of space.

Continuous openings of light at different intervals allow the space to “appear” and create a rhythm that suggests a breathing of the space

– In order to create a homogeneous structure, it would be build out of a continuous surface that in the dark passageway section would be more dense and in the open space would be more open

– Geometry, shape, appearance: The space acts as a “cover” for people. It is enclosed, and later opens to reveal new ideas.


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  1. i think its fine. look forward to seeing where you are at on sunday.

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