The breath of sound


Rony Shapira

Diagrams developing the program

Sections that show the relation between the site and the new space:


Areas where the virtual appears in the space (top view):


Human movement and interaction in and around the space (top view):


The “breathing” space was inspired by studying how blood is pumped in and out of the heart, allowing us to breathe. As a result of this investigation I decided to consider two passageways that would “breathe” movement in and out of the space.


The red lines represent the movement of people that is pumped in and out of the passage space:


When thinking about how the space would be an actual “breathing” space I decided to create openings in various increments in the passages. These openings would bring in light (represented in yellow) and air (represented in blue) from the outside environment. The openings would also create a rhythm in the space: 


The relation between the structure and the human scale:

1.    2.

1. In the passages  2. In the larger open space


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